How-to build backlinks?

Some helpful tips to get you started

This a common strategy used in SEO. This consists of searching for broken links on pages based in your industry and emailing the webmaster about replacing the link with one of your relevant pages.
These are custom images made to express statistics within in your field of important data. This can be helpful because if the image is picked up by a search engine then it has a chance of showing at the top of a search for a specific search term that is tied into the data.
This involves reaching out to other webmasters within your industry to see if they would be up to the idea of having your write a post or article for them and they would leave a backlink for your site on the post.
The same concept applies as infographics. Infographics are informative, where as custom images just add to the appeal of any post or article but can certainly be picked up by search engines as well.
There’s been a few more rules weighed against blog commenting over the years with the reformation of Google’s algorithm. This doesn’t mean they can’t still be relevant though. Make sure whatever comment you leave is pertinent actual offers something rather than just posting something at random. Sometimes you can fit anchor text in a comment or you can have your own personalize signature with a link to your site.
This consists of signing up for various sites across the web and creating a profile on those sites that contains your URL. Generally, there will be a section when editing a profile page to fill out for your website. To add more link juice to your profile you can share posts from others from the site and follow other people.
The simplest way to get started; submitting directly to business directories. This can prove dicey being that since a lot of directories focus on churning as many URL’s as possible, they will have lower authority scores. So be careful when submitting to directories (check first to make sure they have a decent authority score). Being that directories generally have a high volume of refreshing content this can be beneficial in getting your link recognized faster.

Ready to dive in and start your link building?