Why Backlinker Pro?

Developed for everyone

It's time for a better link management platform that allows you to quickly add new links, share between accounts and other users, and export active links instantly.

  • Track all your website backlinks with ease from both desktop and mobile.
  • Easily compare all your pending, queued and active links for each client.
  • Track your links by submission dates and check for Google Indexing.
  • Increase SERP rankings while keeping track of all your link building strategies.
  • All of your pending links are available to each of your client accounts.
  • Have a list of links you want to build? Place them in the queue for easy management.
  • Free Chrome extension for easy link building from your browser.
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The platform

Spend more time finding quality backlinks rather than organizing your spreadsheets. We built this platform to ensure speed and accuracy for your link management needs and to make your process seamless.

  • Instantly check the database for duplicates.
  • Manage all your clients from one platform.
  • Share new links between other users.
  • Unlimited link management and tracking.
  • Easily export active client links to CSV.
Simple. Fast. Easy. Here’s what just a few people are saying:

The Results

  • One of the biggest problems we had while building links for our clients was trying to keep track of each backlink we built to make sure we weren't creating duplicate links. It's easy to keep track if your only building a few links each month but when you have several clients its can become a huge problem. Backlinker Pro has helped us maintain organization with our clients and it's simple to use. This tool is a must-have for any individual or SEO firm trying to improve their process!
  • It's about time we have a tool to help the link building process! The platform is easy to use, saves me time from comparing notes on new backlink opportunities, and there is a sweet Chrom extension that will make it easy to add new links while browsing. I highly recommend if you're trying to save yourself time and improve your link process.
  • I have spent countless hours working on my link building for my clients using a few different spreadsheets. This is the tool I have been looking for!! I can compare potential backlink opportunities and I can put them in a queue so I know which ones I am working on. Backlinker Pro will save you so much time and its highly efficient!!!
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