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1What is a backlink and why is it important?
In order to compete organically for any keyword and to rank on page 1, you must build a solid backlink profile from high ranking domains. A backlink is your URL (i.e. http://www.myhomepage.com) that shows up on other people’s’ sites. Backlinks are hyperlinks on other sites pointing back to your site. This can be in the form of a domain URL link, keyword link, or image.When it is clicked it will send someone back to your site. The benefit of this is that Google’s formula checks for the amount of backlinks any given site has and ranks them based on this (some other factors as well). Backlinks can also be seen as anchored text (a URL placed inside of a keyword).
2Where can I find new backlinks?
Backlinks can be found in many places across the internet. These opportunities come in many forms such as the likes of social media sites, guest blogging opportunities, directories, blog comments. Generally, to increase the power of your links for Google it is wise to create links that can enrich the experience of a user to your site with original content. These can be created by meaningful responses to comments, replies or original posts in forums, or a blog created on another site for anything pertaining to your industry. It is best to be informative and educational.
3What is anchor text?
Anchor text is a keyword that has your site URL embedded inside of it so, when clicked, will direct someone back to your site. HTML example: web design. This will look like a regular word “backlink” but when clicked will send someone to the specified URL.
4What are dofollow and nofollow links?
A dofollow link is any link that a crawler bot is able to follow. A nofollow is the opposite. How can you tell the difference? Here’s an example of a dofollow link Backlinker Pro Here’s an example of a nofollow link: Backlinker Pro

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